Shiitake Mushrooms Dried

Product Name: shiitake mushrooms
Package: 200g/bag,25bags/CTN
Color: Brown
Availability Period: in the whole year

What is Shiitake Mushrooms Dried

Shiitake Mushrooms Dried is a high-quality mushroom product offered by Winfun. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of mushrooms. With years of experience in fruit and vegetable packaging, direct supply from the source, and a strong commitment to quality control, we provide a wide range of mushrooms that can be customized according to your needs. 

Advantages of Winfun

1. Years of Experience in Fruit and Vegetable Packaging:

With extensive experience in fruit and vegetable packaging, Winfun excels in providing high-quality, visually appealing, and practical packaging for mushrooms. Our packaging is designed to protect the product while ensuring convenience for customers.

2. Direct Supply from the Source:

We ensure a direct supply of mushrooms from the source, establishing strong partnerships with mushroom growers. This direct supply chain guarantees freshness and quality, as well as efficient and timely deliveries.

3. Commitment to Quality Control:

Winfun is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality control throughout the production process. Stringent measures are implemented at every stage, from cultivation to packaging, to ensure that each Shiitake Mushroom meets our quality criteria.

Product Features

1. High Quality:

Winfun emphasizes high-quality standards in the production of mushrooms, ensuring that the mushrooms maintain their flavor, nutritional value, and overall quality through the drying process.

2. Direct Supply from the Source:

The mushrooms are sourced directly, indicating a shorter supply chain and potentially fresher products. Direct supply can contribute to maintaining the integrity of the mushrooms from cultivation to the final product.

3. Customization Options:

Winfun offers a wide range of mushrooms with customization options. This may include variations in packaging, size, and other specifications to meet the specific needs of customers.

4. Years of Experience:

With years of experience in fruit and vegetable packaging, Winfun brings expertise to the production of mushroom. This experience likely involves knowledge of optimal drying techniques and quality control measures.

Cultivation and Production Process

Shiitake mushrooms dried are cultivated and produced using the following process:

  1. Selection of premium Shiitake mushroom varieties

  2. Careful cultivation and harvesting process

  3. Drying at optimum temperature to preserve flavor and nutrients

  4. Packaging with utmost care to maintain quality


Moisture Content≤ 8%
Size2-3 cm
ColorDark brown
Shelf Life24 months

Packaging and Storage

1. Check for Contaminants:

Before storing, ensure that the dried mushrooms are free from any foreign matter or contaminants. Cleaning them thoroughly before storage is a good practice.

2. Shelf Life:

While dried shiitake mushrooms have a longer shelf life compared to fresh ones, , it's still judicious to check the best- by date on the packaging and use them within a reasonable time frame for optimal flavor and quality.

3. Avoid Strong Odors:

Like many dried foods, shiitake mushrooms can absorb odors from their surroundings. It's advisable to store them away from strong-smelling items to prevent flavor contamination.

4. Use Airtight Containers:

Still, consider transferring the dried mushrooms to a sealed vessel to further cover them from humidity and external odors, If the original packaging isn't watertight.


Q: Can you provide customized packaging?

A: Yes, we offer customizable packaging options for our mushrooms.

Q: Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes, they are suitable for vegetarians.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?


In conclusion, Winfun's shiitake mushrooms are the epitome of quality and flavor. As a professional patron and exporter, we're committed to delivering a superior product that meets the different requirements of our guests. Contact us at to place your order.

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