Eryngii Mushroom

Product Name: eryngii mushroom
Package: 200g/bag,30bags/CTN
Color: White
Availability Period: in the whole year

What is Eryngii Mushroom

The eryngii mushroom, also known as King Trumpet Mushroom, is a popular choice among mushroom enthusiasts. It's characterized by its thick, meaty texture and delicate flavor. Due to its versatility and culinary rigidity, it has come a sought- after component in colorful cookeries worldwide. At Winfun, we take pride in being a professional mushroom producer and exporter, providing high-quality mushrooms to meet market demands.

Advantages of Winfun

  • Expertise in mixed packaging of various fruits and vegetables

  • Direct supply from origin

  • Years of experience in fruit and vegetable export

  • Stringent quality control

  • Ability to provide third-party inspection reports before shipment

  • Customizable packaging options

Product Features

1.Distinctive Appearance:

Eryngii mushroom, also known as King Trumpet Mushroom, boasts a distinctive appearance with a thick, elongated stem and a small, rounded cap. Its unique shape makes it easily recognizable.

2.Meaty Texture:

One of the standout features of mushroom is its thick and meaty texture. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for various culinary applications, offering a satisfying bite in every dish.

3.Professional Production by Winfun:

Winfun takes pride in being a professional producer and exporter of mushroom. Our expertise in the cultivation and export of mushrooms ensures that customers receive high-quality products that meet market demands.

4.Direct Supply from Source:

We ensure a direct supply chain from the source to maintain the freshness and quality of mushrooms. This direct supply approach minimizes delays and ensures prompt delivery to customers.

Cultivation and Production Process

At Winfun, we ensure the highest quality by carefully controlling the cultivation and production process of our mushrooms:

  1. Selection of premium mushroom strains for cultivation

  2. Strict adherence to organic farming practices

  3. Regular monitoring of growth conditions, including temperature, humidity, and light exposure

  4. Harvesting at the ideal maturity stage for optimum flavor and texture

  5. Quality inspection and sorting to remove any damaged or unsuitable mushrooms

  6. Packaging and storage in controlled environments to preserve freshness


Size5-7 cm in diameter, 10-15 cm in length
ColorWhite to creamy white
Moisture Content74-84%
Storage Temperature0-4°C
Shelf LifeUp to 2 weeks when stored properly

Packaging and Storage

They are carefully packaged to ensure freshness and prolonged shelf life. We offer various packaging options:

  • Individual packaging: Mushrooms are packed in trays or punnets, sealed with cling film or foil.

  • Bulk packaging: Mushrooms are packed in ventilated bags or boxes.

  • Customized packaging: We can accommodate specific packaging requirements upon request.

It is important to store the mushrooms at temperatures between 0-4°C to maintain their quality. Proper storage helps prevent moisture loss and extends the shelf life of the mushrooms.


Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Yes, we have years of experience in exporting fruits and vegetables worldwide. We can arrange international shipping to your desired location.

Q: Can I request a sample before placing a bulk order?

A: Yes, we can provide samples for evaluation. Please reach out to us for sample requests.

Q: Are your mushrooms organic?

A: We strictly adhere to organic farming practices to ensure the highest quality mushrooms for our customers.


With our expertise in eryngii mushroom cultivation and production, combined with our commitment to quality, Winfun is the ideal choice for your mushroom needs. We offer a versatile, flavorful, and nutritious product that can enhance your culinary creations. Contact us today at to place your order or discuss any inquiries. Trust Winfun for premium mushrooms harvested with care and delivered with excellence.

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