Golden Enoki Mushroom

Product Name: Enoki Mushroom
Package: 250g/bag,40bags/CTN
Availability Period: in the whole year

What is Golden Enoki Mushroom

Golden Enoki Mushroom, also known as Flammulina velutipes, is a popular edible mushroom with a long and slim stem and a small brownish cap. It is widely consumed in various cuisines due to its unique texture and mild flavor.

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Product Features

1. Distinctive Appearance:

The Golden Enoki Mushrooms, scientifically known as Flammulina velutipes, is honored for its unique appearance. With a long, slender stem and a small brownish cap, it adds visual appeal to a variety of dishes.

2. Mild and Earthy Flavor:

It offers a mild and earthy flavor profile, enhancing the taste of dishes without overpowering other constituents. This slyness makes them a protean and reciprocal addition to colorful cookeries.

3. Textural fineness:

The long, slim stems and small caps contribute to a delicate and elegant texture. Whether enjoyed raw in salads or cooked in hot pots and stir-feasts, the mushroom provides a satisfying crunch and tenderheartedness, adding a unique textural element to your refections.

4. Nutrient-Rich Composition:

Beyond their culinary appeal, these mushrooms are a rich source of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They contribute to a balanced and health-conscious diet, making them a precious component for those seeking nutritive benefits.

5. Versatility in Cooking:

They are largely protean in the kitchen. They can be used in a variety of dishes, from mists and stews to pate dishes and sushi rolls. Their capability to absorb flavors makes them an excellent choice for adding depth to your culinary creations.

6. Low in Calories:

For individualities aware of calorie input, They are a smart choice. They give a satisfying eating experience with minimum impact on overall calorie consumption, making them suitable for a range of salutary preferences.

7. Culinary Creativity:

The unique appearance and mild flavor of mushrooms inspire culinary creativity. They serve as a seductive trim, elevate the visual appeal of dishes, and contribute to an epicure dining experience.

Cultivation and Production Process

Our mushroom is carefully cultivated and produced under controlled conditions to ensure superior quality. The process involves:

  1. Selection of high-quality mushroom strain

  2. Inoculation of mushroom spawn on sterilized growing medium

  3. Growth under controlled temperature and humidity

  4. Harvesting at the peak of freshness

  5. Packaging and immediate storage in cool conditions

Product Parameters

SizeApproximately 10-15cm in length
Nutritional ContentRich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals
Shelf LifeUp to 7 days when stored in cool conditions

Packaging and Storage

Our mushroom is carefully packed to ensure freshness and extend shelf life. It is packed in breathable containers to maintain proper ventilation and prevent moisture build-up. The recommended storage conditions are:

  • Temperature: 0-4°C

  • Relative Humidity: 90-95%


1. How do I cook it?

It is commonly stir-fried, sautéed, or used in soups and hot pots. It can also be enjoyed raw in salads or as a garnish.

2. Can I freeze it?

Although freezing can affect the texture, it is possible to freeze it for future use. Ensure to blanch it briefly before freezing.

3. Are there any allergens in mushrooms?

It is usually well-tolerated, but individuals with mushroom allergies should avoid consumption.

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