Fresh King Oyster Mushroom

Product Name: eryngii mushroom
Package: 200g/bag,30bags/CTN
Color: White
Availability Period: in the whole year

What is Fresh King Oyster Mushroom

Winfun is a professional producer and exporter of fresh king oyster mushroom. With years of experience in mixing various fruits and vegetables, direct supply from the origin, and a strong track record in exporting fruits and vegetables, we ensure impeccable quality control and offer a wide range of customizable packaging options.

Winfun's Advantages

  • Mixed packing of diverse fruits and vegetables

  • Direct supply from the origin

  • Years of exporting fruits and vegetables

  • Stringent quality control

  • Ability to provide third-party inspection reports before shipment

  • Customizable packaging

Product Features

1. Firm and Meaty Texture:

One of the key features of King Oyster Mushrooms is their firm and meaty texture. This characteristic makes them a versatile ingredient in various culinary dishes, providing a satisfying bite.

2. Mild and Delicate Flavor:

The mushrooms boast a mild and delicate flavor that adds a subtle umami richness to dishes. This allows for their incorporation into a wide range of recipes without overpowering other flavors.

3. Professional Production by Winfun:

Winfun takes pride in being a professional producer and exporter of mushrooms. Our expertise in fruit and vegetable mixing, direct supply, and years of export experience ensures top-notch quality for our customers.

4. Direct Supply from Source:

We maintain a direct supply chain from the origin to guarantee the freshness and quality of mushrooms. This approach minimizes delays and ensures prompt delivery to our customers.

5. Years of Industry Experience:

With years of experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, Winfun has garnered a reputation as a reliable supplier. Our extensive knowledge contributes to the consistent quality of our mushrooms.

Cultivation and Production Process

1. Optimal Growing Conditions:

The cultivation process of mushrooms begins with the selection of optimal growing conditions. These include controlled temperature, humidity, and a suitable substrate for mushroom growth.

2. Spore Inoculation:

Spores of the King Oyster Mushroom are carefully inoculated into a nutrient-rich substrate. This marks the starting point for the growth of mycelium, the mushroom's vegetative part.

3. Mycelium Growth:

The inoculated substrate is placed in a controlled environment to facilitate mycelium growth. During this phase, the mycelium forms a network of fine threads, spreading through the substrate.

4. Casing and Pinning:

Once the mycelium has sufficiently colonized the substrate, a layer of casing material may be applied. This helps initiate the pinning stage, where tiny mushroom pins begin to emerge.


Shelf Life7-10 days

Packaging and Storage

1. Protective Packaging:

They are carefully packaged to ensure protection during transportation and handling. Our packaging is designed to safeguard the mushrooms from damage and maintain their quality.

2. Customizable Options:

Winfun offers a variety of customizable packaging options to cater to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. This includes different sizes, materials, and designs to meet market demands.

3. Refrigeration Recommendation:

For optimal freshness, it is recommended to store fresh king oyster mushroom in the refrigerator. This helps extend their shelf life and preserves their texture and flavor.

4. Temperature and Humidity Control:

Maintain a cool and consistent temperature in the storage area. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, as mushrooms are sensitive to fluctuations that can impact their quality.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Store mushrooms away from direct sunlight to prevent deterioration of color and maintain their appearance. Exposure to sunlight can lead to nutrient loss and affect overall quality.


Q: Are your mushrooms organic?

A: Yes, we strictly adhere to organic cultivation practices without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Q: Can I request a sample for quality evaluation?

A: Yes, we provide samples for quality assessment. Please contact us for further details.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?

A: The minimum order quantity depends on the chosen packaging. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements.


As a leading producer and exporter of fresh king oyster mushroom, Winfun offers superior quality mushrooms with distinct taste and textures. Our strong industry expertise, direct supply, and customizable packaging options make us the preferred choice for discerning buyers. Contact us at to discuss your mushroom needs and place your order today!

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