Red Fuji Apple

Name:Fuji Apple
Package: 18kg/CTN
Count Size: 60#/72#/88#/100#/113#/125#/138#/150#/162#
Place of Origin: Shandong,China
Availability Period: from Oct to June of the next year

What is Red Fuji Apple

The Red fuji apple is a high-quality apple variety grown by Winfun, a professional producer and exporter of apple. With expertise in multiple fruit and vegetable varieties, direct supply from the origin, years of fruit and vegetable export experience, and excellent quality control, Winfun is a reliable choice for customers seeking apple.

Advantages of Winfun

Winfun offers various advantages as a apple producer:

  • Mixed packing experience of different fruit and vegetable varieties

  • Direct supply from the origin

  • Years of fruit and vegetable export experience

  • Stringent quality control

  • Customizable packaging

  • Provision of third-party inspection reports before shipment

Product Features

1.Exceptional Quality:

Winfun takes pride in cultivating and exporting high-quality apple. The company prioritizes strict quality control measures to ensure that each apple meets the desired standards for taste, appearance, and freshness.

2.Professional Production and Export:

As a professional producer and exporter, Winfun specializes in the cultivation and export of apple. This dedication to specialization ensures a focus on the unique requirements of this apple variety.

3.Direct Supply from the Origin:

Winfun guarantees a direct supply of apple from their origin. This involves working closely with apple orchards and growers to establish a reliable and efficient supply chain, ensuring freshness and quality.

4.Years of Fruit and Vegetable Export Experience:

Drawing from years of export experience in the fruits and vegetables industry, Winfun has developed expertise in international trade regulations, market trends, and customer preferences. This experience contributes to the company's ability to provide top-notch apple.

5.Excellent Quality Control:

Winfun places a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the cultivation, harvesting, and packaging processes. This commitment ensures that only apples of the highest quality are selected and exported to meet customer expectations.

6.Sweet and Flavorful:

It is known for their sweet and flavorful taste. Winfun ensures that this distinctive taste is preserved in every apple, offering consumers a delightful and satisfying eating experience.

7.Crunchy Texture:

It is renowned for their crisp and crunchy texture. Winfun's commitment to quality control includes measures to maintain the desired texture, ensuring that each bite of the apple is enjoyable.

Growing and Production Process

1.Varietal Expertise:

Winfun leverages its expertise in multiple fruit and vegetable varieties to specialize in the cultivation of apple. This expertise ensures a deep understanding of the specific requirements and characteristics of this high-quality apple variety.

2.Selecting Optimal Growing Conditions:

The cultivation of apple begins with selecting optimal growing conditions. This includes choosing suitable orchard locations with the right soil composition, climate, and sunlight exposure to promote healthy apple tree growth and fruit development.

3.Careful Tree Planting and Maintenance:

The apple trees are carefully planted and maintained to support vigorous growth. Pruning, fertilization, and pest control measures are implemented to ensure the overall health and productivity of the apple orchard.

4.Monitoring Growth Stages:

Throughout the growing season, the development of the apple is closely monitored. This involves tracking key growth stages, from blossoming to fruit maturation, to ensure that the apples reach optimal size and ripeness.

5.Harvesting at Peak Maturity:

Harvesting is a critical stage in the production process. Winfun ensures that apples are harvested at peak maturity when they have reached the perfect balance of sweetness, flavor, and texture. This meticulous timing contributes to the superior quality of the apples.


SizeLarge (average weight: 200g)
ColorVibrant red
TasteSweet and crisp
Shelf LifeAt Least one month

Packaging and Storage

Our Red fuji apple are carefully packaged to ensure their freshness and quality during transit and storage. Different packaging options are available, including customized packaging based on customer requirements. The apples should be stored in a cool and dry place to maintain their flavor and crispness.


1. Where are the apple grown?

Our apple red fuji are grown in select orchards in [location].

2. Can you provide samples before placing a large order?

Yes, we can provide samples for quality evaluation upon request.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity depends on the packaging option chosen. Please contact us for detailed information.


Winfun is your trusted source for high-quality Red Fuji Apple. With our expertise, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guarantee the best produce for your needs. Contact us at to place your order or for any inquiries.

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