Tieton Cherry

Name:Tieton Cherry
Package: 1kg/CTN
Size: 28mm+
Brix Level: 14+ degree
Place of Origin: Dalian,China
Availability Period: from May to July of

What is Tieton Cherry 

Tieton Cherry, cultivated and exported by Winfun, is a premium cherry variety celebrated for its exceptional sweetness and rich flavor profile. As a leading producer and exporter, Winfun ensures the delivery of top-quality cherries, meeting the demands of discerning consumers and businesses globally.

Winfun's Advantages

Winfun distinguishes itself through a combination of factors that contribute to the superior quality of Tieton Cherries:

1.Diverse Experience: 

With mature expertise in mixed packaging of various fruits and vegetables, Winfun brings a wealth of experience to the cultivation and export of cherry tieton.

2.Direct Supply: 

We source cherries directly from their place of origin, ensuring freshness and minimizing delays in the supply chain.

3.Years of Export Experience: 

Winfun boasts extensive experience in exporting fruits and vegetables, navigating international markets with precision.

4.Comprehensive Quality Control: 

Our commitment to quality is evident in the stringent quality control measures implemented throughout the cultivation and production process.

Product Features

Tieton cherries from Winfun exhibit the following outstanding features:

1.Exceptional Sweetness:

Renowned for their high sugar content, It deliver a delightful sweetness that distinguishes them in the cherry market.

2.Rich Flavor Profile: 

The cherries boast a complex flavor profile, combining sweetness with nuanced undertones, making them a favorite for culinary applications.

3.Uniform Size and Color: 

Each cherry is carefully selected to ensure uniformity in size and color, enhancing the visual appeal and overall quality of the product.

4.Crunchy Texture: 

They are known for their satisfyingly crisp and juicy texture, providing a delightful eating experience.

Cultivation and Production Process

The journey of cherry tieton from orchard to export involves meticulous steps:

1.Orchard Selection: 

Winfun carefully selects orchards with optimal growing conditions for cherries, ensuring the best quality fruit.

2.Seeds and Saplings: 

High-quality seeds and saplings are chosen to establish healthy cherry trees.

3.Cultivation and Growth: 

The cherry trees are cultivated with attention to sunlight, water, and nutrient requirements for robust growth.


They are handpicked at the peak of ripeness to capture their full flavor potential.

5.Sorting and Grading: 

Cherries undergo thorough sorting and grading to remove any imperfections and ensure consistency.

6.Packaging Design: 

Protective packaging is designed to safeguard the cherries during transportation while providing visibility and ventilation.


Parameters are presented in the table below:




Tieton Cherry



Sugar Content


Flavor Profile

Sweet and Nuanced


Crisp and Juicy

Packaging Options

Mixed, Customizable

Storage Recommendations


Packaging and Storage

Winfun ensures the longevity and quality of cherries through careful packaging and storage:

1.Protective Packaging:

Cherries are packaged to prevent damage during transportation, balancing protection with ventilation.

2.Mixed and Customizable Packaging: 

Clients can choose from mixed packaging options or customize the packaging to suit their specific needs and branding.

3.Refrigeration Recommended: 

To maintain freshness, it is recommended to store cherries in refrigeration.

4.Regular Inspection: 

Regular checks during storage ensure that any damaged or overripe cherries are promptly removed, preserving the quality of the batch.


A:Protective packaging methods are employed to safeguard the cherries during transportation, and direct supply minimizes delays.

Q:Are third-party inspection reports available for cherry shipments?

A:Yes, Winfun provides third-party inspection reports before shipment, ensuring transparency and quality assurance.

Q:Can I contact Winfun for mixed packaging of various fruits and vegetables besides cherries?

A:Absolutely. Winfun specializes in mixed packaging of various fruits and vegetables. Contact us for diverse packaging options and a wide range of produce.


In conclusion, Winfun takes pride in being a professional tieton cherry producer and exporter, offering a premium product with a commitment to quality. For businesses seeking top-quality cherry tieton backed by years of experience and comprehensive quality control, Winfun is the reliable choice. To place an order or inquire further about cherries, please contact us at yangkai@winfun-industrial.com

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