Gong Pear

Name:Gong Pear
Package: 11.5kg/CTN
Count Size: 27#/36#/45#
Place of Origin: Shanxi Province,China
Brix Level: 11-13 degree
Availability Period: from July to December

What is Gong Pear 

Gong Pear, meticulously cultivated and exported by Winfun, is a premium fruit variety that embodies the pinnacle of taste and quality. This exquisite pear is renowned for its crisp texture, succulent sweetness, and unique flavor profile. As a leading producer and exporter, Winfun takes pride in delivering pear—a fruit that captivates the senses and delights consumers worldwide.

Winfun's Advantages

1.Diverse Fruit Expertise:

With mature experience in cultivating various fruits and vegetables, Winfun showcases a broad spectrum of agricultural expertise. This extensive knowledge contributes to the exceptional quality of pear.

2.Direct Origin Supply:

It is sourced directly from the place of origin. This direct supply chain ensures the freshness of each pear, establishing a direct and unadulterated connection between the orchards and consumers.

3.Years of Export Excellence:

Winfun has a rich history in the export of fruits and vegetables. Years of experience contribute to a deep understanding of global standards and the ability to meet the diverse preferences of consumers worldwide.

4.Comprehensive Quality Control:

The commitment to quality is a hallmark of Winfun's operations. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage, from cultivation to export, ensuring that each pear meets the highest standards of taste and freshness.

Product Features

1.Crisp Texture:

It is known for its satisfyingly crisp texture, providing a delightful eating experience. Each bite offers a perfect balance between firmness and juiciness, making it a refreshing choice for consumers.

2.Succulent Sweetness:

Renowned for its natural sweetness, It delivers a succulent and satisfying taste. The sweetness is perfectly harmonized, creating a flavor profile that distinguishes it from other pear varieties.

3.Unique Flavor Profile:

It boasts a unique and appealing flavor profile. The combination of sweetness, subtle acidity, and a hint of floral notes contributes to a taste that is both distinctive and memorable.

4.Exquisite Appearance:

The visual appeal of pear adds to its overall allure. With an elegant and refined appearance, characterized by a smooth skin and a well-defined shape, it is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Cultivation and Production Process

1. Orchard Selection:

The journey of gong pear begins with the careful selection of orchards. Winfun identifies regions with optimal climate conditions and soil quality, ensuring the ideal environment for cultivating premium pears.

2. Meticulous Cultivation:

Winfun employs meticulous cultivation practices to nurture pear trees. From planting to harvesting, each stage is carefully managed to promote healthy growth and the development of the distinctive qualities that define pear.

3. Advanced Growing Techniques:

To optimize the quality and taste of pear, Winfun incorporates advanced growing techniques. This includes the use of innovative agricultural practices, fertilization methods, and pest control measures to enhance the overall health of the pear trees.

4. Seasonal Harvesting:

It is harvested at the peak of its ripeness during the appropriate season. Winfun's experienced farmers utilize their expertise to determine the optimal time for harvesting, ensuring that each pear reaches its full flavor potential.






Sugar Content


Harvesting Period

September and October

Shelf Life

At least one month

Packaging and Storage

1. Customizable Packaging Solutions:

Winfun recognizes the diverse needs of different markets and offers customizable packaging solutions for pear. From bulk shipments to consumer-ready packaging, Winfun tailors its packaging to ensure the freshness and quality of pear upon arrival.

2. Protective Packaging Materials:

They are carefully packaged using protective materials that safeguard them during transportation. This includes cushioning materials and temperature-controlled packaging to prevent bruising and maintain optimal freshness.

3. Temperature-Controlled Storage:

To preserve the crisp texture and succulent sweetness of pear, Winfun employs temperature-controlled storage facilities. These facilities maintain the pears at the ideal temperature, ensuring they remain in prime condition until they reach the hands of consumers.

4. Sustainable Packaging Practices:

Winfun is committed to sustainable packaging practices. The company explores eco-friendly packaging options and strives to minimize waste, contributing to environmental sustainability in the packaging process.


Q1: Are they suitable for cooking?

A1: Yes, they are versatile and can be enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary applications.

Q2: Can Winfun provide customized packaging for bulk orders?

A2: Absolutely, Winfun offers customizable packaging solutions to meet the diverse preferences of consumers.

Q3: How does Winfun ensure the freshness of pear during transportation?

A3: Pears are packaged protectively, and temperature-controlled storage is employed to maintain optimal freshness.


In conclusion, Gong pear by Winfun represents a harmonious blend of nature's perfection and human dedication. From cultivation to export, each step is executed with precision and care, ensuring that consumers experience the extraordinary in every bite. Winfun invites consumers, global distributors, and procurement professionals to indulge in the excellence of pear—an embodiment of Winfun's commitment to delivering fruits of unparalleled quality.

For inquiries and orders, contact us at yangkai@winfun-industrial.com. Elevate your fruit experience with pear from Winfun.

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