Eureka Lemons

Name:Eureka Lemon
Package: 15kg/CTN
Count Size: 56#/64#/72#/88#/100#/113#/125#/138#/150#/162#
Place of Origin: Anyue,China
Availability Period: from Sep to June of the next year

What is Eureka Lemons

Eureka Lemons, produced by Winfun, are a high-quality citrus fruit known for their bold flavor and vibrant yellow color. Our lemons are grown in the ideal Mediterranean climate, ensuring optimal taste and nutritional value.

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Advantages of Winfun

1.Premium Quality Citrus Experience:

Indulge your senses with dwarf lemon eureka, crafted to perfection by Winfun. Renowned for their bold flavor and captivating vibrant yellow color, these lemons are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

2.Mediterranean Excellence:

Grown in the idyllic Mediterranean climate, our lemons thrive in the perfect conditions for citrus cultivation. This unique environment imparts a distinctive taste to lemons, setting them apart as a premium citrus fruit.

3.Optimal Taste and Nutrition:

Winfun ensures that every Eureka Lemon is a delightful burst of flavor, thanks to our dedication to optimal growing practices. The Mediterranean sunshine and rich soil contribute to the impeccable taste, while the nutritional value is carefully preserved for your well-being.

4.Sustainable Sourcing:

We take pride in our responsibility towards the environment. Winfun is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that dwarf eureka lemon reach you with minimal ecological impact. Enjoy the fruits of nature while contributing to a greener planet.

5.Freshness from Orchard to You:

Our commitment to freshness is unwavering. They are harvested at the peak of ripeness and carefully handled to maintain their freshness. From our orchards to your table, experience the crispness and juiciness that defines our premium citrus.

Product Features

1.Bold Flavor Profile:

Eureka Lemons by Winfun are celebrated for their robust and distinctive flavor. Each lemon promises a bold taste that adds a zesty and refreshing twist to your culinary creations.

2.Vibrant Yellow Color:

Recognizable by their vivid yellow hue, our lemons are a visual delight. The vibrant color reflects the sun-soaked environment of the Mediterranean, ensuring not just a flavorful experience but also an appealing aesthetic to your dishes.

3.Ideal Mediterranean Climate:

Grown in the perfect Mediterranean climate, our lemons benefit from the region's warm days and cool nights, contributing to their exceptional taste and quality. The unique combination of soil and weather creates an optimal environment for citrus cultivation.

4.Optimal Taste and Nutritional Value:

We prioritize both taste and nutrition. They are cultivated to perfection to deliver an exceptional taste experience, while the inherent nutritional value is carefully preserved. Enjoy a delicious and healthful addition to your diet.

Cultivation and Production Process

1.Mediterranean Oasis:

dwarf lemon eureka thrive in the ideal Mediterranean climate, where the combination of warm, sunny days and cool nights provides the perfect conditions for citrus cultivation. Our orchards are strategically located to harness the natural elements that contribute to the unique taste and quality of our lemons.

2.Seed Selection:

The journey of dwarf eureka lemon begins with the careful selection of seeds. Winfun chooses only the finest seeds to ensure that each lemon carries the potential for exceptional flavor and quality.

3.Meticulous Planting:

Our cultivation process involves meticulous planting practices. Each lemon tree is carefully placed in nutrient-rich soil, allowing it to establish strong roots and flourish in the optimal Mediterranean environment.

4.Dedicated Farming Practices:

Winfun is committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Our dedicated farmers employ responsible techniques, including organic fertilization and pest control methods that minimize environmental impact.

5.Seasonal Care:

Throughout the growing season, our experienced agricultural team monitors the lemon orchards closely. From blossom to harvest, the trees receive the care they need to produce high-quality fruit. Pruning, watering, and nutrient management are all part of the seasonal care regimen.

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SizeSmall to large
Juice ContentHigh
Storage Temperature4-8°C
Shelf LifeAt least one month

Packaging and Storage

Our lemons are carefully packed in durable and eco-friendly packaging to ensure their safety during transit. They should be stored in a cool and dry place with a temperature between 4-8°C to maintain their freshness and flavor for an extended period. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat sources.


1. Are they organic?    

Yes, our lemons are organically grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

2. Can I request a customized packaging?    

Absolutely! We offer customizable packaging options to meet your specific requirements.

3. Do you provide third-party inspection reports?    

Yes, we can provide third-party inspection reports before shipment upon request.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?    

Please contact us directly at to discuss your order quantity.


With Winfun's expertise in Eureka Lemon cultivation and export, along with our commitment to quality, we are your trusted partner for sourcing the finest Eureka Lemons. Contact us at to place your order or discuss further details. Experience the superior taste and freshness of dwarf eureka lemon with Winfun!

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