Ya Pear

Name:Ya Pear
Package: 17.5kg/CTN
Count Size: 112#/96#/80#
Place of Origin: Hebei Province & Shandong Province,China
Brix Level: 10-12 degree
Availability Period: from July to April of the next year

Ya Pear Product Overview:

The Ya Pear, also known as the Chinese White Pear, is a popular fruit known for its sweet and juicy taste. It is one of the oldest cultivated pear varieties in China and is loved by consumers worldwide. At Winfun, we pride ourselves as a professional manufacturer and exporter of it, offering top-quality produce straight from the source.

Advantages of Winfun:

1. Diversified Experience: We have expertise in handling various fruit and vegetable varieties, ensuring a perfect mix when packing our ya pears.

2. Direct Supply from Origin: It come directly from the orchards in China, guaranteeing freshness and premium quality.

3. Years of Export Experience: With our extensive experience in exporting fruits and vegetables, we ensure smooth and reliable services to our global clients.

4. Stringent Quality Control: We have a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure that only the best Ya Pear are delivered to our customers.

5. Customized Packaging: We offer the option of customizing packaging to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

6. Third-Party Inspection Reports: Prior to shipping, we can provide third-party inspection reports to assure the quality of it.

7.Winfun emphasizes a transparent supply chain, providing consumers with confidence in the origin and quality of it.

Product Features:

1. Superior Taste: It has a deliciously sweet and juicy flavor profile, satisfying the taste buds of fruit enthusiasts.

2. Crisp Texture: The texture of the it is delightfully crisp, providing a refreshing bite with every bite.

3. High Nutritional Value: It is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to a healthy diet.

4. Versatile Usage: Whether eaten fresh, used in salads, or incorporated into desserts, It adds a delightful burst of flavor to various dishes.

Cultivation and Production Process:

Our ya pears are grown in the fertile soils and ideal climate of Chinese orchards. Our experienced farmers carefully cultivate the trees and follow organic practices to ensure the highest quality. The pears are harvested at the peak of ripeness and undergo a meticulous sorting and grading process to ensure uniformity and consistent quality.

VarietyYa Pear
TasteSweet and juicy
Shelf LifeApproximately 1-2 months

Packaging and Storage:

They are carefully packed in sturdy cartons to protect them during transportation. Each pear is individually wrapped to prevent bruising. The cartons are labeled with product information and barcodes for easy identification. Proper storage in a cool and well-ventilated environment is recommended to maintain the freshness and quality of the pears.


Q: Can I order a sample of it before placing a bulk order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample orders to allow our customers to experience the superior taste and quality of it.

Q: Can you provide certification for the product's organic cultivation?

A: Yes, we can provide organic certification upon request, ensuring that they are grown following organic practices.

Q: How do you ensure the freshness of the it during transportation?

A: We have established a reliable cold chain logistics system to keep the pears at the optimal temperature throughout the transportation process, ensuring their freshness upon arrival.


With our expertise, experience, and commitment to quality, Winfun is your trusted source for premium ya pears. Whether you are a professional buyer or a global distributor, we invite you to contact us at yangkai@winfun-industrial.com to discuss your Ya Pear requirements. Experience the exceptional taste of it and elevate your fruit offerings with Winfun.

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