Bulk Pears

Name:Century Pear
Package: 12.5kg/CTN
Count Size: 48#/42#
Place of Origin: Hebei Province & Shandong Province,China
Brix Level: 10-12 degree
Availability Period: from July to May of the next year

What is Bulk Pears

As a professional bulk pears producer and exporter, Winfun has extensive experience in packaging multiple fruit and vegetable varieties. We offer direct supply from the source and have years of expertise in exporting fruits and vegetables. Our commitment to quality control ensures that you receive the freshest and finest pear available in the market. We also offer customizable packaging options to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Winfun

  • Extensive experience in mixing and packaging multiple fruit and vegetable varieties

  • Direct supply from the source

  • Years of expertise in exporting fruits and vegetables

  • Stringent quality control measures

  • Ability to provide third-party inspection reports before shipment

  • Customizable packaging options

Product Features

1. Premium Quality Assurance:

Winfun's pears undergo rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production. From cultivation to packaging, our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive pears of the highest quality.

2. Diverse Fruit and Vegetable Varieties:

We understand the importance of variety. Winfun stands out by offering a wide range of fruit and vegetable options in our bulk packages. This diversity allows you to cater to different preferences and market demands.

3. Direct Supply from the Source:

With Winfun, you get direct access to the source. By eliminating intermediaries, we guarantee that our pears reach you with maximum freshness, straight from our orchards to your business.

4. Years of Export Expertise:

Our extensive experience in exporting fruits and vegetables globally positions Winfun as a trusted and knowledgeable partner. Benefit from our insights into international markets and our ability to meet diverse customer needs.

Cultivation and Production Process

1. Orchard Selection:

The journey of our pears begins with careful orchard selection. Winfun chooses prime locations with optimal soil conditions and climate to cultivate pears that meet our high-quality standards. Each orchard is managed with precision to ensure the health and vitality of the fruit trees.

2. Expert Horticulture Practices:

Skilled horticulturists employ expert practices in caring for the pear orchards. This includes meticulous pruning, pest control, and irrigation management to maximize fruit quality and yield. The focus is on sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation methods.

3. Timely Harvesting:

Harvesting is a critical stage in the production process. Our pears are carefully picked at the peak of ripeness to capture the optimal balance of sweetness and texture. Timely harvesting ensures that the pears retain their natural flavors and nutritional benefits.


SizeMedium to large
ColorGolden yellow
TasteSweet and juicy
Harvesting periodAugust to May of the next year
Shelf life2-3 weeks

Packaging and Storage

1. Customizable Packaging Options:

Winfun understands that diverse markets have varying packaging preferences. We offer customizable packaging options for our pears, allowing you to tailor the presentation to meet the specific needs of your business and clientele.

2. Temperature-Controlled Storage:

Winfun implements temperature-controlled storage facilities to further enhance the longevity of our pears. This controlled environment helps to preserve the natural characteristics of the fruit, ensuring that each pear maintains its freshness and taste.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards:

Our packaging and storage practices adhere to industry standards and regulations. This commitment ensures that Winfun's bulk pears not only meet but exceed the expectations of both suppliers and consumers, contributing to our reputation as a trusted producer and exporter.


1. Can I request a specific pear variety for my bulk order?

Yes, we offer the flexibility to customize your bulk order based on your preferred pear variety.

2. Are the pears organic?

While our pears are not certified organic, we follow strict agricultural practices to minimize the use of pesticides and ensure the highest quality produce.

3. Can I request a sample before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we can provide samples upon request. Please contact us for further details.


If you are looking for top-quality bulk pears, Winfun is your reliable partner. With our expertise in mixing and packaging multiple fruit and vegetable varieties, direct supply from the source, years of exporting experience, and stringent quality control measures, we assure you of the freshest and finest pears. Contact us today at yangkai@winfun-industrial.com to place your order or for any inquiries. We look forward to serving you!

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